Starting date to promote the income team will start around the middle of March.

Plans are to bring in 15 people and promote the 3 Simple Steps solution and have team members go in to the community to help other develop the simple skill of gaining personal success. Plans are to take this to a number of North Jersey Counties within the next few months
Doc's first release for 2017 will be, "That's The Beauty of it All."

There will be a series of books released with the series name being called, Watering the Spirit. The name of the first book is, "That's the Beauty of it All." Doc has also written a poem by the same name.

Plans are to release a number of books in 2017 and 2018 that are Spiritual in Nature.

It has been decided that the return of Outlaws 4 Christ Radio will take place this Summer 2017.

It will be hosted once again by Doc Dalton and many friends from the past have been contacted for both music and to have them on as spot guests.

Check back for up-dates.