O4C Radio is a simple concept.
Just mix some good music with
some interesting talk and let
God take care of the rest.

After a few years off of the air
waves, it was decided it was

time to bring back some new music and
get back in touch with some old friends
and that is exactly what we did and we
are happy about that choice.

Come join Doc Dalton each and every weekand enjoy some great music, some great talk with a great messge. It's O4C Radio, a show designed for you with him in mind.
If your a Christian artists and would like your music to air on our show, it's easy.

Just send us your contact info and a place we can check out your music and someone from the show will be back in touch with you.

You can E Mail us at:

Sometimes you hope to make an impact by what is said about you. So here is something Jazz great George Benson said. Drew Davidsen represents a new and fresh approach to smooth jazz idiom.
Now That's Impact
He is known as the Electric Rev because of his lightning strike performances but also because he is just as comfortable in the pulpit Preaching about Jesus as he is in smoky bars celebrating the vigor of
the Blue's

Powerful songs with a powerful message combined with strong vocals & writing create a sound that cannot be ignored. davepettigrew is a Contemporary Christian artist from New Jersey. His multiple releases are a look into his life & walk with God.
Sandie Dickey, 2011 Female Horizon Award Winner, is a talented Christian Country artist/singer/songwriter living in Troup, TX. She grew up in a Christian home and began singing in church long before she could read.
 Four Grammy awards on his shelf, sixteen Petra albums, one II Guys from Petra album, and four solo albums recorded - millions of which have sold all over the world - John Schlitt is a man who lives for Jesus and makes no bones about his faith. He is one great Christian Artist.
A show from back in the day with our guest, Jimmy Houston. This is from our talk show version of O4C Radio. Sit back and relax and hear what Jimmy has to say.
We Are Coming Back
After A Few Years Off The Air Waves, O4C Radio
Will Make It's Return Early Summer 2017 With
The Same Great Music And The Same Great Talk.
Check Back For Up-Dates.

 OutLaws 4 Christ Radio. A Show Designed For You, With Him In Mind
She is beautiful and she is talented and she is Stevvi Alexander one great artist with one great message. Take
 a listen to what she has to say.