For the sake of this conversation let me say the following.

What would happen if you had the opportunity to be in a rock solid company that is 100% debt free, has an A plus rating with the BBB and is a little over
18 years old. In addition what would happen if the cost to be associated with this company was only $10 per month. If that isn't enough, this company has a compensation plan that is fair for everyone, not just a selected few. Another positive point is, for 18 plus years they have paid on time, all of the time. Then there are their products. What if the product line was such that it was all internet related meaning, No storing of products in your home or asking anyone else to store products in their home. With a product line such as this, three yet simple things take place;

1st. There are No Quota's to be met because you have a monthly fee of $10 per month. In case you do not know it, this is really enhances your business a lot.
2nd. Those products are there for you to use or not use if you so choose to, WHY? Because they are your products with your $10 monthly fee.
3rd. Because of this taking place, that makes it possible to focus only on the INCOME end of things or should I say, the SIMPLE INCOME end of things.

I have two statements that I want to make about products and please remember, this is me talking.
1st. I never join a company for products, WHY? Because products don't pay bills, INCOME DOES.
2nd. In No way am I saying these products aren't good, in fact they are great products, I use some. But my main purpose here is, INCOME.

Now that you understand my main goal is Income, let me talk about income in my own way and again, this is me talking. But I am being 100% truthful.

How many people do you think you could get to make a $10 per month investment in themselves knowing that if everyone did just that, your income could explode and I mean really explode. There is No secret here - No brain surgery - No magic.  Bottom-line: The Numbers Don't Lie, They Really Work and they work perfectly, it's the people who mess it up by not following a few simple steps. If we all just stuck with true simplicity and understanding of what should take place, we all can gain success. Imagine if everyone did exactly what needed to be done. Just imagine, you and other can set your business up in such a manner that all you would need to do is pay your monthly fee and get paid. It's possible if We All Do What We Need To Do Which Is Keep It Simple When Doing Our Personal Business. The Truth is - Keeping It Simple is the Key Step to You Having Success...

Please understand, that there are people who have already gone out and got 10, 20, 50 and even over 100 people to take part in this business. These people understand the possible income that they could earn. Again, the numbers don't lie.  You can't be around 18 plus years in business, if you are a liar.

I am Going To Give You What I Call The Tease - Understand It May Be a Tease, But This Tease is 100% The Truth: On this page we are focusing only on income. So in saying that I would like to give you the most insane example ever. Insane or not, this example is True, WHY? Because the numbers don't lie.

If you went out and concentrated on getting 10 people to make a $10 per month investment in themselves with this company and they did the same and so on, and everyone did so for a total of 5 levels in depth. Your potential income could be in excess of, ONE MILLION, THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR. And You Did it All on a $10 Per Month Investment in YOURSELF. Question, do you think you are worth a $10 per month investment?

Now for some Realty - But once again, this realty is Truth - Do I think anyone will do that - more than likely NO. Why? because there is always someone who makes it difficult, because they can't follow Simple Steps. Let's just say, they think they have a better way. But here is another insane example you should know. Say we were 90% off that goal, you could still have a potential income that would be in excess of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR. Again, on a $10 per month investment in You.

There are No Lie's - No Scams - No Hype - Just the Truth - If you think this could be something that would interest you, please click on the link below that say's NEXT so you can review more about this. You might read some of the same information over again on the Next page, but it's worth it and it gives more information on the way I do business personally, that's if you want to Work Smart and Not Work Hard. It's about a 2 to 3 minute read, that's all. Just click on the link below and remember, for $10 Per Month, No One is Cheating YOU.

Blessings and Peace

Doc Dalton

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