He's Also Known As the,
Pastor of Prayer .
When I first put this together, my entire concept was to keep everything as simple and as inexpensive as possible. I had my reasons for doing this which you will learn shortly but again, just like countless people out there, I wanted simple, I wanted inexpensive and I wanted success and on top of that, I wanted it to be done in 3 Simple Steps. I wanted it Simple, Inexpensive, Profitable and in 3 Simple Steps, so everyone could do it. No More - No Less.

There are 3 pages here for you to read and I promise, each page is only about 60 seconds to 90 seconds in length, so it is not a long read at all. I did it that way on purpose so you wouldn't go crazy seeing one page with countless words on it.

The 3 pages are broken up in to an EXAMPLE, which is below. The next page is REALITY and the third page is the
3 SIMPLE STEPS, which really means, it's the way I do business.

There is a great chance you and I will meet at some point so understand, I am not a guy who hides behind his computer, I am who I say I am and I am 100% Honest with you on everything I say. If you even want more honesty than that, please understand this. I want to do business this way because I am getting a little older, a little worn out like many folks and when all is said and done, I am a lazy bastard who just wants every aspect of his life to be simple, including business. Can't be more honest than that. So, take a moment and please review the pages and contact me.  

Blessings & Peace and Thank You for coming to this page.

Doc Dalton


I want to share an example of a possible outcome and income. Again, this is an example, but imagine if it could really be just this way.

There was a club that cost $10 per month to be part of. This club had certain "for this explanation, I will call them THINGS" that their members can use for being a part of that club. There are No Monthly Quota's to be met by the members of this club because like I said, there is a $10 per month cost/membership.  So, with that cost,  No Quota's.

This club has been in existence for about 19 years. It is 100% Solid - 100% Debt Free - Has an A Plus Rating with the BBB. It has a Solid, Common Sense and Fair Compensation Plan and if everyone understood and operated their personal business within this club in a Common Sense and Simple way, those members who have chosen to take part, can gain great Success.

Members of this club are encouraged to go out and find new club members to be part of this $10 per month club and share in these" so called THINGS" that this club offers to its members. Never do these "so called THINGS" get in the way of you promoting this club to possible New members. It's truly about investing $10 Per Month in yourself.

The Compensation Plan of this club is extremely simple to understand. You receive $1.00 for every New Member You bring in to the club and $1.00 for New Members that are brought in to the club for 5 Levels in depth. This means you receive $1.00 for New Club members you bring in, they bring in, they bring in, they bring in and they bring in. "5 Levels"

Here is an example, to what I call a Tease on this Compensation Plan. Again, please take note, this is an example and Not a Promise, just my explanation.

Tease # 1. If everyone brought in 10 New Members who would invest $10 Per Month in themselves to become club members, and if this took place for 5 levels in depth, your potential/possible income could be in excess of,                

All, on a $10 Per Month Cost or Investment in Yourself.

Do I think someone will earn that much, HONESTLY, NO. I say that because, there is always someone who will screw it up and think they can do it better and land up not only hurting themselves but others as well for not following a few simple steps. And in some cases, there will be those who do nothing at all. WHY? It's just the way it goes. Human nature at its worst.

Tease # 2. Even if we were off by 90%, our potential income could still be in excess of,                     

Again, all on a $10 Per Month Cost or Investment in Yourself.

Do I think there will be those who will earn this amount? 100% Yes I do, and a lot more, WHY?  Because people are already doing it and have been doing it.

Now that you have read my Example Page, it is time to move on to the Reality Page. I told you it wasn't long. Just click the link below to get to the page.