For the sake of this conversation, let me say the following.

I want to share an example of a possible outcome and income. Again, this is an example, but in saying that, Imagine this.

There was a club that cost $10 per month to be part of. This club had certain "for this explanation, I will call them THINGS" that their members can use for being a part of that club. There are No Monthly Quota's to be met by the members of this club because like I said above, there is a $10 per month cost/membership.  So with cost comes No Quota.

This club has been in existence for about 19 years. It is 100% Solid - 100% Debt Free - Has an A Plus Rating with the BBB. It has a Solid, Common Sense and Fair Compensation Plan. And if everyone understood and operated their personal business in a Common Sense and Simple way, those members who have chosen to take part, can gain great Success.

Members of this club are encouraged to go out and find new club members to be part of this $10 per month club and share in these" so called THINGS" that this club offers to it's members. Never do these "so called THINGS" get in the way of you promoting this club to possible New members. It's truly about investing $10 Per Month in yourself.

The Compensation Plan of this club is extremely simple to understand. You receive $1.00 for every New Member You bring in to the club and $1.00 for New Members that are brought in to the club for 5 Levels in depth. This means you receive $1.00 for New Club members you bring in, they bring in, they bring in, they bring in and they bring in. "5 Levels"

Here is an example, to what I call a Possible Tease on this Compensation Plan. Again, please take note, this is an example.

Tease # 1.
If everyone brought in 10 New Members who would invest $10 Per Month in themselves to become club members, and if this took place for 5 levels in depth, your potential/possible income could be in excess of,                 
- All, on a $10 Per Month Cost.

Do I think someone will earn that much, NO. And the reason for that is, there is always someone who will screw it up and think they can do it better and land up not only hurting themselves but others as well for not following a few simple steps. And in some cases, there will be those who do nothing at all. WHY? It's just the way it goes. Human nature.

Tease # 2.
Even if we were off by 90% , our potential income could still be in excess of                      ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR - Again, all on a $10 Per Month Cost. Do I think there will be those who will earn this amount. 100% Yes I do and a lot more.
Now to Reality - The example I just gave you was about a club. But what would happen if there was a company just like that with the exact same opportunity, same cost, same solid key facts about that company, same compensation plan and the same common sense simple way you should operate your personal business so you can gain success. Would you be interested in becoming part of that company? One more thing... They also give you a state of the art business website linked directly to you with a back office that is also state of the art and you get all this, at No Additional cost. Yes, everything for just $10 Per Month.

I would like to make two statements on how this came to be for me and about what I called "Things" which are really products in this company.

I am a little older and I think out of the box a bit and look at life a bit different then many other people my age or many other people in general. I never understood why so many people complained about how hard their job is or how much they hated it and yet, continued to work at it and complain about it week after week, month after month and year after year. I understand 100% that you need a job and I understand 100% that you need a job in order to pay bills and other things that you need to be accountable for. What I didn't understand was why they never made any attempt to change their situation for the better. If you never attempt to change it, it won't change on it's own. At least try, so one day you can say to yourself, at least I gave it a shot.

As I said, I am a bit older and I have had a few little health problems along the way and have slowed down some just like countless others have and will have in their life time. One night I am watching a business show on television and the host say's to his guest, in closing is there any advice you can give to our viewers about today's job market, current trends and way of life when it comes to earning an income in todays market place. And the guest said, If you don't like your job, get up off your ass and change your situation and get a different job. In todays world with all the changes taking place, there are countless opportunities out there that can make it possible for you to earn an income in a completely different way and just know, that way can also be extremely simple. In many cases you do not need experience or a degree, but what you do need is common sense and consistency. Understand that it's not that your not working, it's just that now, you are working in a different way, WHY? Because these are different times. Don't listen to people who say it can't be done because these are the same people who complain about their job each and everyday and do nothing to correct their personal situation. And last, get a piece of paper and write down exactly how you would like it to be if you could work for a company. Make it as simple as possible, as easy as possible and even as crazy as possible. When done go out and search for that company and if you find a solid company that has 75% to 80% of what you hoped for, start there.

That's all I did, exactly what he said. I wanted it to be simple, inexpensive, common sense, not time consuming. I wanted it to be where anyone can take part even if they didn't have any experience in anything. I wanted the company to be solid, good reputation, be 100% debt free, in good standing with the BBB because that really means a lot to people, or at least to me it does. I wanted their product line to be 100% internet related so there wouldn't be any actual products you would physically need to touch because if you had that, there wouldn't be any products that you would need to store in your home or anyones home. If you also had that, it would mean, No Monthly Quota's to meet because you would have a monthly fee instead which would be great for you business wise.

I am happy to say when I was done, luckily I found a company that had 100% of what I was looking for and actually a little more. No Lie's - No Scams -         
No Hype - No Bull S _ _ _ - Just Common Sense and Simplicity.  That's it - No More - No Less. It took me time to find it, but the time was well worth it.

As far as products go, I have two statements I would like to make and please remember, these are my personal statements.

1.) I Never join a Company for Products, WHY? Because products Don't Pay Bills, Income Does. It's just that Simple. Again, No More - No Less.
2.) In No way am I saying these products are not good, in fact, they are great products, I use them. But my main purpose here is, INCOME.

Now that you understand my main goal is Income, let me talk about income in my own way and again, this is me talking. But I am being 100% truthful.

How many people do you think you could get to make a $10 per month investment in themselves knowing that if everyone did just that, your income could explode and I mean really explode. There is No secret here - No brain surgery - No magic.  Bottom-line: The Numbers Don't Lie, They Really Work and they work perfectly, it's the people who mess it up by not following a few simple steps. If we all just stuck with true simplicity and understanding of what should take place, we all can gain success. Imagine if everyone did exactly what needed to be done. Just imagine, you and other can set your business up in such a manner that all you would need to do is pay your monthly fee and get paid. It's possible if, We All Do What We Need To Do Which Is Keep It Simple When Doing Our Personal Business. The Truth is - Keeping It Simple is the Key Step to You Having Success... And Success can come quickly if done right.

Also understand, that there are people who have already gone out and got 10, 20, 50 and even over 100 people to take part in this business. These people understand the possible income that they could earn. Again, the numbers don't lie.  You can't be around for 19 plus years in business, if you are a liar.

Everything that I am telling you to look over or do is exactly what I have done and what I do now. If I lied to you, I would be a jack ass a hundred times over because all I would be doing is hurting myself. My mother always said, honesty is always the best policy. So if you think this could be something that would interest you, please click on the link below that say's NEXT so you can review more about this. You might read some of the same information over again on the Next page, but it's worth it and it gives more information on the way I do business personally, that's if you want to Work Smart and Not Work Hard. I will show you my 3 Simple Steps, which are the - (1) A,B,C Facts of Simplicity, (2) 5 to 25 Plan and (3) My 30 Second Rule. Those 3 things are all I do.  It's only a 2 to 3 minute read, that's all. Just click on the link below and remember, for $10 Per Month, No One, is Cheating YOU.

Blessings and Peace

Doc Dalton
He's Also Known As the,
Pastor of Prayer .