Hunter Logan

Unconditionally Dalton is a simple short show, talking about some of todays issues in a bit of a different manner.

States Doc Dalton, I am just an old man who will be out on the woods shooting is mouth off in countless different ways. We had to do it a little different in hopes that folks will watch.

There will be a lot of things talked about but we will always stick to the topics on mental health, feeding the children and of course without even saying, GOD.

The show is being done by 3 friends who have done other productions in the past. They are the Host, Doc Dalton. Director, Patrick Muricki and Producer/photo guy, Joe Le Pera.

The truth is, we are all older now, 60"s & 70's and it's time we show the world we can still be crazy and have some fun except now we do it a bit slower with larger break times.

People could write in and send in videos of themselves and down the road, maybe more things will come along. Understand this, there isn't a shot in hell this show will win an award, but the truth is, that was never our goal in the first place.

When we say a show show we are talking 5 to 7 minute in length. So don't worry about needing to watch something extremely long and we won't worry about having a heart attack trying to shoot something long. We are just 3 old dudes trying to do something positive while having a few laughs along the way.

It's Unconditionally
Dalton, where Truth meets Reality in Some Type of Strange Way. Well Kinda, Maybe, Still Not Sure, You No What, Who Really Cares.