He is the former host of three weekly radio shows and was also the host of the children's cable show, "Body-Slam On Drug's," a show that aired for 3 years and was done in association with a North Jersey Police Department.

But now America's Simple Man is in a new direction with the up-coming releases of two books, "Old Dog's of the Whiskey Pie Trails and Sometimes I'm Not OK" in early winter of 2017. The first is a combination of poems and short stories that are related directly to each poems while to second is part of a journey that so many people share in today's world when it comes to depression. This is no different for Doc then countless others.

In addition be on the look-out for a new video series entitled, "Simply Dalton" start date is set for later this Fall 2017.

Please Check Back for Up Dates.
A show from back in theday with our guest,
America's Favorite Fisherman,
Jimmy Houston.

This is from our talk show version of
O4C Radio. Sit back and relax and hear what Jimmy has to say..