He is the former host of the weekly radio show, Outlaws 4 Christ Radio and was also the host of the children's cable show, "Body-Slam On Drug's," a show geared toward the youth to help educate them on the dangers of drug & alcohol abuse. The show was done in association with a North Jersey Police Department and aired for over 3 years. This all came about when the Police Department seen Doc on a weekly Pro-Wrestling TV show he was CO-Hosting and they contacted him about producing a show together. After a short meeting, they agreed and the show was born.

But now America's Simple Man is in a new direction with the up-coming release of a new book, "Old Dog's of the Whiskey Pie Trails "Volume 1" in late summer 2018. This is a combination of poems and short stories that are related directly to each poem. It will be followed by a second release, "Sometimes I"M Not OK "Volume 2". A story about depression and the journey to Hell and back that it has taken Doc Dalton on for the last 20 years.

All publications fall under the series, The Coffee and Chair Series and will be distributed by, Martin James Publishing.

What makes the title The Coffee and Chair Series so interesting is, Doc will also be hosting a  weekly talk series by the same name because it's always where a Good Cup of Coffee, a Comfortable Chair and a Little Talk Can Go a Long Way. Production begins mid July.

And check out the media link where Doc has a video lyric series called, Watering the Spirit.

Please Check Back for Up Dates.