(c) 2016 -  Written By: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton "True Story"

Sometimes in life people are sent our way
For reasons to which we cannot say
To give a gentle touch or simple smile
To make life better for just a while

Like a part time Angel who becomes your friend
With a Heart so big, It has no end
It's Gods little way to make you see
That there's a brighter tomorrow, if you only believe

A friend who listens with an open mind
God's special angel who gives you their time
One who never judges you for your ways
And will laugh at your jokes and hurt's for your pain

So when that time comes and our days are through
When we no longer will see each other again
Just know, each night I will always say a Prayer for you
For your Gods Angel, who became my friend

And when my days seem so low
I'll remember that Angel God had sent my way
The one whose gentle touch and simple smile
Who made life better, for a while

The one who never judged me and gave me her time
To make those dark days seem so worth wild
Who hurt for my pain and laughed at my jokes
Who prayed to God, to give me hope

So know that God sends Angels in many ways
To help us through our toughest days
Angels that show up for just a while
An Angel who becomes a friend and makes you smile

So when that time comes and our days are through
When we no longer will see each other again
Just know, each night, I will always say a Prayer for you
Because your Gods Angel who became my friend

©  May 2016 Written by: The Depressed Poet Doc Dalton                                                                                         

Friends have come and gone and the laughter has turned to tears
Day's pass by so quickly, those same days have now turned in to years
What was once those so called happy times, have now become those good old days
My Memories have all been shattered, replaced by fear that even they might fade away

I cry because I'm lonely and I'm lonely because I cry
With rivers of tears that always flows, but never seem to dry
I look for the courage to make it through just one more day
But will I make it to tomorrow, because I still haven't made it through today

Afraid that it might end this way, because that would be such a shame
Days, will they ever turn brighter or always be filled with clouds and heavy rains?
I tried so dam hard to make it right, and tried in so many ways
I've asked for your help and forgiveness, each night with the words that I say

To Pray, that he will hear my plea and bring me peace within my heart
To Pray, that yesterday will forever be gone and tomorrow will be a brand-new start
To Pray, and ask that his love guides me, each step along the way
To Pray, and understand that this might be a real good time, to sit right down and Pray.

I have cried out loud to the heavens, for all the hell that I've gone through
I have talked to you like no other, at times feeling like such a fool
But I am still right here talking to you Lord, and have so much more I'd like to say
I will stand my ground with love in my heart, and never will I  turn away

No one ever said it would be easy or that the sun would shine each day
But he promised his unconditional Love and to be by my side every step of the way
Life at times may be uncertain and hell, life may go astray
But for me the best thing I can do, is Sit Right Down and Pray

To Pray, that my journey will soon bring peace to my heart once again
To Pray, that I will understand that my life starts today and that his love has no end
To Pray, that when it's my time to go back home, he will greet me with open arms and say
Welcome home my son, I think this might be a real good time for us, to sit right down and Pray

© November 2016 Written by: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Been dragged through the mud, blamed by many, friends are few
All alone with the voices in my head telling me, I'll never make it through
Tried so hard to walk a path of forgiveness while never forgiving myself
But who am I to judge even if all I am doing, is judging oneself

I'm hanging on for dear life, these eye's seen better day's
Tired of strangers patting me on the back, telling me all will be OK
Being a fool in my own world of foolishness for everyone to see
Crushed by a spirit, that has given up and is no longer free

Shaking like a scattered storm while scared like a little child
Confused for what seems like a life time, while my thoughts are running wild
Between moments of Hell and a life time of worn out fears
I'm Praying like a mad man, with a Bible, and a Beer

Driving to Memphis to a little church that stands high on a hill
Praying for forgiveness for sins I have committed, and a life that never fulfilled
I am worn out and tired, crying for one last chance to stand real tall
Please dear Lord, walk by my side and hold me tightly, oh and God, don't let me fall

If I make it through today maybe tomorrow will be a brand new start
A new beginning that I have searched for so many times, deep within my heart
It's a story of countless different times, in countless different places
I have been my own worst enemy, yet still in search of some friendly faces

Shaking like a scattered storm while scared like a little child
Confused for what seems like a life time, while my thoughts are running wild
Between moments of Hell and a life time of built up fears
I'm Praying like a mad man, with a Bible and a Beer

(c) 2018 - Written by: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Did you ever take the time to see?
All the wonderful things that life can truly be
Like the colors of the leaves during the fall
That's the beauty of it all

Like stars that shine throughout the night
Like diamonds in the sky sparkling so bright
To watch a shooting star as it falls
That's the beauty of it all

Standing on the edge of a giant cliff
While witnessing for miles, Gods beautiful gifts
Standing so high and feeling so tall
That's the beauty of it all

Walking along the oceans shores
Listening to the waves crashing with such a mighty roar
It's a feeling like none you've ever had before
That's the beauty of it all

Taking time out during your busy day
To share your love with family in countless ways
And make it known, that you love them all
That's the beauty of it all

Taking a moment, to say a simple Prayer
Thanking the Lord because you know that he cares
For keeping you safe and not letting you fall
That's the beauty of it all

So now is the time to sit and wonder
To understand what life has to offer
And if you have really learned from it at all
Then my friend, you have truly found that,


© November 2016 Written by: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Whiskey and wine are like moments in time
That ruffles your memory to days gone by
Drags you back to places where you don't want to be
Shows you the truth that sometimes is tough to see

Hoping for a blessing, while searching for faith
It's a journey that lead many, to a painful heartbreak
Broken and torn from a life of disconnect
Trying hard to hold your spirit, while trying hard to forget

It's back to walking on that old red dirt clay
Where I stumble throughout my nights, and confused through-out my day's
Lost and confused, looking for a friend and crying out to nowhere
But it's always the same, so dam lonely with not a soul who cares

The cupboards of my soul are bare and my spirit is scared
And my dirt roads, they lead to nowhere and once there, folks, don't care
My dreams take me to places where only dark lies are told
A journey so long, patience so short, and a place where my body's chilled to the bone

My days are so crazy, my mind is so dammed confused
I am worn out, battered, bruised and even a bit amused
It's been so bad that my spirit in anger gave my soul a dare
Hell,  I excepted, only after some Whiskey and a Prayer

© June 2017 -  The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton - All rights Reserved

These old eyes burn like hell, at the sadness that they see
This old heart is broken, as my legs give way and I stumble to my knees
This old back, it just can't carry the load much anymore
This old Spirit is flat out tired, a little tattered and a whole lot worn

The voices in my head, they just won't let me be
While these faces in my mind, are one's that I can't see
Weather calls for a chance of rain from the tears that I will cry
With the help of this old bar stool, they"ll be gone, in the blink of an eye

My steps are a bit different now, not as sure, not as steady
This chip on my shoulder, it's there, but not nearly as heavy
Still thinking, I can do what I want, just the way I want to
Only to realize, thinking that way, makes this man one dam fool

I Pray for his forgiveness from a past that won't let me be
While this whiskey, hell it just can't stop my ghosts from haunting me
My journey, has become so very long, it's painful and seems to have no end
My path of uncertainty, let's just say, it's made this old dirt road, my new best friend

Now in search of that old chair, that sits under that old oak tree
Hell, I still Love Jesus, Heaven knows, I hope he still Loves me
Thoughts are running wild, my minds lost amongst the clouds
It's an unstable journey, Dear Lord, 

                               THINGS, ARE SO DAM DIFFERENT NOW

© July 2016  Written by: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Traffic moving swiftly and people are unaware
Souls and filth Scattered on the ground without a single care
While the innocent are scared to walk down a city street
Fear keeps most in a nervous world of constant self defeat

It's time to take back what once was rightfully ours
From a new set of protectors, once thugs behind bars
30 years prior they roamed the streets they thought were their's
Now to a new life of crime, to protect those in such deep despair

To turn their wrongs in to rights
To make Safe streets of the night
So people can live the way they all deserve
Instead of hiding behind doors to a life that's a blur

These gangsters of old will walk the streets once again
Letting thugs of today feel the difference between the boys and the men.
Make no mistake because these former devils should not be misunderstood
Cause there now soldiers of God, who've become Angels in the Hood

The slime, they work off the young to supply their daily trade
Young girls sell their bodies walking their nightly parade
Druggies are in alleys, dying a death each and every day
Supplied by the workers from the so called, café of foul play

If a change is to happen, it needs to be now
Before it's too late and more lost souls make no sounds
To make life safe again and to give people some hope
So they won't lose to the hookers, thugs, and let's not forget, the dope

It's different this time, it's a chapter of new
To get back the streets and the lives it once new
To hear the sounds of children laughing and playing once again
To smile and shake the hand of a neighbor, who might become your friend.

These gangsters of old walk the streets once again
Letting thugs of today feel the difference between the boys and the men
Make no mistake, these former devils should not be misunderstood
Cause there now soldiers of God, who've become Angels in the Hood
(c)  March 2017   Written by: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

From the moonlight on the fire, to the stars shining bright
To the whisper of the wind, that surround me through my nights
To the comfort, I feel, even when my mind is at wits end
I'm at peace here, a place my heart will always call a friend

Like the bottle that never seems to dry
Like my tears that seem to always run wild
It's a heart ache that No heart needs to feel
In pieces wishing it would always heal

It's a story, one that I must tell
It's my life, once was heaven, now it's my hell
It's this place where my heart needs to be
Yes, this place, my soul needs to see

This old place, brings me back to where I need to be
This old place, makes me see just what I need to see
This old place, makes me cry for just no reason
This old place, feels right in every season

This old place, where the sun could shine all day
This old place, a gentle place when there's nothing left to say
This old place, brings back memories of days gone by
This old place, is a good cup of coffee and grandma's apple pie

This old place, where I could smile the whole day through
This old place, brings back thoughts of me and you
This old place, makes me wonder why God needed you so
This old place, in my dreams I just can't seem to let you go

This old place, it's time for me to just lean back and rest a while
This old place, in my mind I have walked a million miles
This old place, I love it so but yet I am so confused
This old Place, is where my spirits strong but my soul is bruised

This old place, I could feel the love that fills the air
This old place, I have no worries not even a single care
This old place, let's me be a child once again
This old place, I wish you could be in this place when my time comes to its end.

This old place, is where I truly need to be
This old place, makes me feel the things that I need to see
This old place, is where my spirits free to roam
This old place, it's the place that I call home

©  2016 Written by: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

A little boy, lost alone and who walks the streets
A shoeless child with nowhere to sleep
A crack whore mom and a no show dad
A child so young, hell, he's already mad

Though young, he knows the tricks of the trade
To survive this life, for one more day
A constant struggle, just to stay alive
A ghetto life, one he can't denied

Selling his body at such a tender age
To fill his belly for yet another day
As night time comes, it starts over again
A recycled life, that just has no end

He walks the streets for what seems miles
To escape a life not right, for a child
But tonight, he'll be out there hustling again
For this boy has no beginning, and there is No end

He much wiser for his years and so his business expands
Into trade for his buyers, of a constant supply and demand
A business whose products, are full of cocaine and weed
And that routine, has now become part of his daily deed

The money is better and life seems so cool
But it's a part time path, to a life full of ruin
He's now walking down a path that will lead him to hell
With his hands cuffed behind him, and car ride to jail

It's 3 to 5 in a house full of thugs
Professors in crime with degrees in drugs
Prison life's not easy, don't be fooled by their ways
There are rules by the masters and a price you must pay

His time has passed and this boy, he's now a man
Back on the streets doing all that he can
 After 5 years in jail, what a price he has paid
Still a tough guy by choice, but now a thug with aids

It's the same old story
Of a life that might have been
From a boy who roamed those streets
To a life time sentence, of a deadly sin

So remember this little boy tonight
When you say your prayers
There are countless kids just like him
Who walk the street, so unaware?

Be grateful for the ones you have
Because they are only a step away
For the life of that little boy
Could be your child's, on any given day

(c) July 2018  Written By: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Can you tell me something about Heaven
They say that the sun shines brightly all day long
Please tell me something about Heaven
I have heard it's gentle breeze, sings the prettiest of songs

Can you tell me something about Heaven
Is it true, the colors are brighter than our eyes have ever seen
Please tell me something about Heaven
They say your spirit could rest in peace and this, I truly believe

Is it true that we will see our family and friends
And rejoice at the re-unions that come our way
What a time it will be to see mom and dad once again
To know that this is just the beginning, and there will be no end

I've heard it said that the tree tops sway as one all day long
And the path of a Heavenly butterfly is one, that we have never seen
We will feel God's presence because his love is like none, we have ever known
It will be a joyous ending to my journey, when my Lord calls me, to come back home

Is it true that love will surround each of us all day long
And there will be no more fighting and all will become friends
Is it possible that in all of us, we will finally become all in one
And Peace, Love and Understanding will be shared under Heavens sun

Can you tell me something about Heaven
Will I meet Jesus and feel his love for ever more
Please tell me something about Heaven
I Pray he will greet me with his arms wide open, at Heavens door

(c) 2019 Written by: The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Blood Shot eye's, with a broken soul
A life time of pain, has taken its toll
Storm clouds are rolling in, bringing fears of days gone by
Praying my darkest clouds, will become my brightest sky's

On a down hill journey, that hasn't an end
On a road, with countless turns and painful bends
I sit here on this bar stool, that's now's become my new best friend
I think I'll sit right here, till this moment, becomes my end

Wiping my eyes while stumbling and trying to gain control
Brush off this harden dirt, that's now covered this old soul
Become a man, that I can be proud of, once again
And walk right here with Jesus, till my journey has its end.

I know he's with me, he would never leave my side
He loves me so much, for me he even died
In the end, I Pray all will be OK
Just need to have some trust in him, for he will guide my way

I've Prayed like hell, to the heavens above
To ask for his mercy and even more, for his love
My church is now this bar stool, wondering how much farther this old soul can go
Hey bartender, a shot of Cuervo, and some Jesus to go.

Hey bartender, one more shot of Cuervo, and some Jesus to go

(c) Oct 7, 2017 - Written by, The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

Such a long  lonely journey
One that made me weak and confused
Walking in a world of total darkness
That left my soul simply battered and bruised

Then you came, and showed me the way
Turned my lonely nights in to happy days
Made my darkest clouds just drift far a way
Because of your love I knew all, would be OK

A place where life will never be the same
For you came and made my heart change
Thanks to you, my life is now worth living
Because only your love could be so forgiving

I know you will never turn you back on me
Cause it's you Jesus who truly let me see
It was you who came and touch my soul
It was at that moment you took control

Yes, a place where pain is No more
A place where it's life that I now adore
A place where I'm safe and never ignored
It's that place, within the Calm of the Storm

September 6, 2019 Written By, The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton

As I walk alone in a world of crowded memories
I close my eyes and wonder why all turned out this way
From a world of laughter, to a world of tears and misery
That has given me nothing to care about and even less to say

It's as if all the flowers in my perfect garden have died
The stars that shined so brightly have now been replaced by darken skies
Where there was once so much love that has now been tossed aside
Where does one go, what does one do, when their world just said goodbye

Like the leaves of autumn whose time has come to gently fall to the ground
As the songs of the fall leave us and is replaced by the cool winters breeze
And it's fearful to me  to be walking a new journey where nothing is known
To walk this dark  lonesome path, only to find sadness as far as one's eyes can see

Can anyone help me, please isn't someone there?
Lord, can't you walk by my side as I beg you through Prayer
I never ask for much and I know that you can feel my pain
My mind is in so much torment, as if I may go insane

If there were just some special words or a gesture that I could do
Is it much too late for that, or is there hope, that might be a bit to soon?
I guess I will just keep looking back to a world, I'm  not welcome to
Another night of sadness that lies,  UNDER MY BROKEN MOON