Dear Doc,

When I first met you in Lodi, NJ you were a person
I liked immediately. Your charisma  and intelligence belied your massive build and your strong manner. You seemed to care more about others than you did yourself. I detected integrity and character in your demeanor that impress me to this day. You area man of God and so am I. You have been though some troubling times and you never complained. That is what I consider a real man. I hope you will always consider me as a friend.

      Joey Dee "Joey Dee and the Starliters"

Hey Doc

Wanted to drop you a line and wish you the very best. It's important for you to understand that I have always had a good time when we speak and when we meet and you have a wonderful Spirit that should be shared with the world.

Some of my greatest memories were being interviewed on your radio show. So continued success my friend and wish you Blessings and Peace in all that you do.

Vince Martell
Vanilla Fudge

Dear Doc,

I just wanted to say that I do several interviews for both radio and TV, and I had a great time appearing on the Outlaws 4 Christ Radio show with you. The interview was enjoyable to do, and I hope the viewers got to learn a little more about my ministry and the call of God on my life.

It was a great feeling to know that I could talk openly about my faith on this program. If there were some more programs such as yours Doc, I believe we would have a lot more unity in the body.

These type of programming is key in the exposure of different types of ministries. Thank you once again for letting me tell my story of wrestling and faith. I pray that many will come to know the Lord though it.

Looking forward to doing it again.
Ted DiBiase
2010 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee
Dear Doc,

You have a special message of spirituality to bring to people who are looking for answers but have not found them in the traditional places. Keep being honest and down-to-earth and people will respond to you.
Have a blessed day,

June Marshall, Spiritual Coach
and Past Lives Regressionist

Hey Doc

I love that you continue spreading the love, even though you are going through hard times . You are an amazing, thoughtful, caring and kind person.

Thank you for letting us be part of your extended family

Judy, Julio and Family

Hey Doc!

You came into my life 17 years ago.. You always were kind yet Stern and always made me smile. I didn't think you knew at the time but I now know you did... But at that time you were seeing me at my worst. Yet you were still kind. I stopped working were I was working and didn't see you anymore. Time goes by, years go by, and then I see you again. Same thing happened I left the job and didn't see you. Then I see you again in a place I never expected.. The deli I was working. I was so happy.. So many reasons, but the main one you were now seeing me at my best.

Doc you gave myself and my husband Camilo the honor of having you the GREAT Doc Dolton marry us.
 I was so overwhelmed with gratitude, joy, and honor that day. I feel Camilo and I will always be blessed because of you.

Thank you Doc!! Keep up your wonderful spirit!                                                                                                   
 Shannon Jimenez


The man that I grew up with I called him Keith.  I knew that someday he would make it big and he sure did.  We have been friends for almost fifty years.  I met him when we were in grade school.  He sat behind me in class and always pulled my hair well one day I couldn't take it anymore and I slapped him across the face.
To this day we still laugh about that. He is the one the best people I know.  When I was down and out he tried to help me out making phone calls for me and trying to help me in anyway he could. 

I love you and I am so happy that we met all those years ago. 

Stay well my friend.  God Bless You.
Love Ya, Annie

To My Sweet Doc,

 I met you years ago but your light beamed so brightly that I was never able to forget you. You are a very special spirit that I am so very grateful to have been blessed to know, love, and most importantly... like.

Please know that you will always hold a wonderful place in my heart.

Muah! "Teele Lewis"


 The man I knew as Keith, is a very strong man with such a great laugh and a personality that could capture a room. When troubled times come, think of how wonderful your life is and how Blessed you are. Have a great day.

Trish  V

Hey Doc,

You have been my friend for almost 40 years.

You are a 1000 miles a way but it never changed a thing. You are one in a million and always will be and are so very loved. A real friend who cares...
Love Sue

Dear Doc

Stay well my brother..And I'm serious. I'm here for you anytime but you should know that already. Have Happy Turkey Day as well. Know that you are loved and God is watching over you as always                    

Love Ya, Missy

Dear Doc,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that I am very happy with the direction you have taken with your life. We need more positive people in the world to help those who are lost and truly don't understand what evils await them each and every day.

Good luck with your projects and I know all will go fine and I am happy to be part of it in any way I can.

On behalf of myself and all the Guardian Angels I wish you continued success in all that you do and know my brother that I am only a phone call away anytime you need me.

God Bless You Always
Tony "Rambo" Matos Guardian Angel
# 13
Uncle Doc

 As I think back every memory from camping to summers playing at the park to now as a grown up
I have your words and inspiration in each one.

I know if I ever need anything I can call and you will be there for me. I am glad and proud to call you my GODFATHER.

Love Ya Amanda


We go back  more years than any gal would want to count, but I always thought of you as one of the kindest, most caring souls I had ever had the good fortune to meet.

I am so glad to be reconnected after so many years!

Much Love, Donna

Dear Uncle Doc

So glad to be back in contact with you after all these years.  Lot's of luck with the show.Can't wait to see what you have in store. 

Keep on spreading the love!

Shannon Humphreys
in Southend-on-sea, UK

Hi Doc,

Take it easy, work on embracing your current limitations. Keep working through this, you will get well again, it will just take  time. Ask yourself: what physical material indulgences do I have that are no longer serving me?

Sending you much love and many blessings,

Sonja, NYC Astrology Coach