Writing has become a very important part of Doc's life and it doesn't matter to him if it's writing a book or if it's sitting down and putting pen to paper for a poem. It addition it doesn't matter to him
if it's something that he might publish in someway or if it's personal and just for him. Writing is writing and it's relaxing states Doc, it takes me to places within my mind that I might not ever imagined going to, and when all is said and done, it's a personal type of therapy that works for
me and that's what counts in the end.

It's not about publishing a book to the masses that makes it all worth-wild claims America's Simple Man. It's about being 100% honest in those writings that truly count the most. It's not about being
the best writer in the world because I am not even close to that states Dalton, because the truth is,
I am the guy who might spell some words wrong or have comma's, periods and other things that should be in certain places not in those certain places.  But it also shows people that in this day and age, you can just do it and be happy with yourself for doing it. Besides claims Doc, would
you rather have someone write 100% perfect, but B.S. you all the way through or someone who is 100% honest and possibly not that perfect.

I state that in my books say's Dalton, I am 100% up-front and honest about my writings and tell people that I am not here to be that perfect writer. I tell them within the first few pages that I am not perfect, don't claim to be, don't want to be but, I do tell them that I am honest and it comes
from the heart. Let everyone else be perfect, I am happy just being me.

You do not need to agree with me on different things I write because it's OK to disagree. But it is
in that disagreement, when you can say to yourself, I may not agree with him, but the one thing
I no for sure is, he was being honest and truly felt that way. It's been said that, honesty is always
the best policy.

After publishing "Stop Being Stuck on Stupid" (recently retire the book in 2015) he knew it was
what he enjoyed doing and now his focus is on writing books that are in someway Spiritual in Nature.

So there are a number of books being released in 2017 and 2018 and it's a great way for Doc to
stay at peace with himself. So please check back for new up-dates that will be given shortly.


This is all part of a planned series of books that
will come under the collection of

Please check back for up-dates. 

Doc Dalton will have a series of books published that will be Spiritual in Nature. The title
of each book is also the title of a poem written by him that has a connection to the story.

There are a number of additional books in this series planned for release straight through 2018.

I Prayed like Hell to the Heavens above
To ask for His Mercy and even more, His Love
Don't know how much farther, this Old Soul can go
Hey Bartender, a shot of Cuervo, and some Jesus to go