The Coffee and Chair Series is a very simple concept. The thinking behind this is, you can take a chair and place it anywhere and do a show from that location.

From a beautiful mountain top or a back alley, a show can be produced.

Topics on the show for the most part cover issues concerning mental illness, but in addition there will be other topics discussed such as Appreciation, Kindness, Helping Your Neighbor, Being a Better Person and countless other topics that will come our way.

We also will have viewers send in video clips of themselves asking questions along with a Mail Bay segment. We were lucky enough to have NAMI "National Association On Mental Illness" supply us with a large number of PSA's and plans are to have a number of local and county groups get involved in a special segment that will be produces called, Something You Should No.

The show will have it's own Youtube Channel but will also be distributed to a number of local cable outlets as well.

There are other plans that will be placed within the content of the show but for right now it's time to plan for the down the road.

If you would like to get involved please drop us a line and we would love to speak to you.

So get ready because THE COFFEE AND CHAIR SERIES is coming real soon and we hope you enjoy it.

Check back for up-dates